Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is within this company?

KN95RespiratorMasksForSale.com is co-founded by Dr. Jay Park MD.  He is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician in NYC, who has been working with an NGO vetting non-traditional PPE suppliers and products from China.  Witnessing the mass chaos in the marketplace, he used his connections to set up a factory direct opportunity for small and mid-size enterprises who frequently miss out on the wholesale pricing for large enterprises.  He calls it "Groupon for PPE."


How do I know the quality of these respirators?

Dr. Park has become an expert on vetting non-traditional PPE, as he commonly gets requests from WSJ, NYT, Buzzfeed and many others.  He has written extensively on the topic of KN95 and the PPE problems from China.
He has had three of his colleagues die from COVID-19.  Getting quality PPE to his friends and co-workers has become a mission to him. 
Through PPEConnector.com, we have gone through a thorough an extensive vetting process to find trusted suppliers who are offering authentic PPE at reasonable current market prices. In each of the product listings, we reveal the name of the company and the link to CDC testing or CDC authorization page.  We believe in offering only PPE that has been tested to be safe in USA. 


How do I know that YOUR respirators are not counterfeits?

The best way to get authentic PPE is to buy them at the factory.  We have extensive connections that will buy directly from the factory or an authorized trusted distributor of PPE in China.  We purchase directly from the closest source to the factory to minimize the risk of counterfeits. We also use a trusted partner in China to facilitate the shipping.


I got respirators from another company.  Can you tell me if my respirators that I purchased from someone else are authentic?

We can provide resources for you to vet them yourself.  Please read through the extensive PPE article collection written by Dr. Park below.  Your respirator is only as good as your source.  There are even reports of fake 3M respirators in the marketplace right now.  It's NOT only the manufacturer brand name that you can count on, but the distributor of your PPE that you need to vet and trust.


Where can I get more knowledge about respirators?

Please read Dr. Jay’s articles.

KN95 Part 1: How to Spot a Fake KN95 Respirator Mask from China.

KN95 Part 2: How to identify suspicious, fake, or misleading marks & certificates with your KN95 respirator mask.

How to verify a legitimate KN95 manufacturer or supplier? Hint: Google

How to verify trusted suppliers and buy authentic Surgical N95 respirators, NIOSH-approved N95 respirators, KN95, Surgical Masks, Medical Gowns, Medical Gloves, and Other PPE

KN95 vs N95 respirator: The ULTIMATE GUIDE about mask certification, ratings and standards

How can you price these respirators so low?

We have taken the best suppliers from PPEConnector.com and decided to offer factory discount pricing to everyone else who can't afford to buy 100,000 to 500,000 minimum quantity orders. We buy in bulk and pass on this savings to you. Think of us as "Groupon for PPE." We trim costs in every single way possible including shipping. 


Why is the shipping time so long?

By facilitating your transaction directly from China, we are able to keep our overhead down and pass the savings on to you.  Our AVERAGE shipping time of 10 - 14 days does not account for additional delays such as Chinese or US holidays or geo-political problems that may affect shipping times for everyone.  There are other delays that is caused by COVID-19 within USA as well which may cause shipment time to exceed 14 days (up to 21 days).  If you have an urgent shipping request, then we have an expedited shipping option for you.


Do you have to pay import duties or taxes?

No.  Our courier has given us this rule from China:
"The recipient is an individual: self-use is acceptable. Formal declaration is required if the declared amount is more than 800 USD or more than 100 masks or plastic gloves."
However, import rules are constantly changing and we can not guarantee that your country will NOT charge an import tax or duty.


Do you accept returns?

Respirators are personal use products.  If there are damages due to shipment or there is a product defect, then YES we accept returns. Due to hygienic standards, we are unable to accept returns for any products that were opened or used.  We are unable to accommodate changes or cancellations on any orders after shipment.  Please contact us if there are damages to the respirators.


Do you give back to charity?

Yes.  We give back 10% of the gross revenue back to charity.  This means that when you spend $100 with us, we give $10 to charity.  We know that many charities are suffering during this crisis and it is our mission to continue contributing to organizations who will support the public long after COVID-19 is gone. 


Are you an authorized distributor of Honeywell or 3M?

No we are not an authorized distributor.  We are purchasing our respirators from the factory or an authorized distributors in China and shipping them to you. This is a copy of the legal opinion about the adjusted US/China import policy about respirators due to COVID-19.


Why should I trust your company?

If you can't trust a company co-founded by an actively practicing board certified Emergency Medicine physician in NYC named Dr. Jay Park who has

then we wish you the best in finding authentic PPE elsewhere.

Our Link is Recommended by Past US Assistant Surgeon General


Xiamen Bocon Stone Co., LTD is a reseller of Chinese made KN95 and N95 who purchases the respirators directly from the factory or authorized distributors and ships them directly to the purchaser.  We have vetted Xiamen Bocon Stone Co., LTD to be an ethical and honest reseller.  We have set up KN95RespiratorMasksForSale.com as a Shopify site for Xiamen Bocon Stone Co., LTD to sell and distribute Chinese made KN95 and N95.  Xiamen Bocon Stone Co., LTD has set up a partnership with Access Doc, LLC to operate the Shopify store. 
Financially, we contribute 10% of gross revenue to charitable causes.  We constantly monitor factory prices, market resell prices and our profit margin to stay near a 30% margin.  This margin allows us to pay for human resources, Shopify, banking and other fees, marketing and e-Commerce related losses (lost shipment, customer complaints and returns).  We are constantly changing our prices to reflect the saving from the factory and pass that onto the consumer. 

Therefore, we are NOT hoarding respirators in the USA as our Shopify site is a gateway for you to purchase authentic respirators that are manufactured and physically located in China.  We are NOT price gouging as we are constantly lowering our prices to pass on the discount saving on to you.